Using Letrozole with Steroids in Bodybuilding

Letrazole is a medicine of the class of aromatase blockers (inhibitors), which helps to reduce estrogen levels in the body and to increase testosterone and gonadotropic hormones.
Analogues of letrozole: Letroza, Letromar (medicine), Estrolet
Other drugs of the class of aromatase blockers (inhibitors) (comparable in effectiveness): Anastrozole, Exemestane (Aromazin).

The use of letrozole in bodybuilding

  • Treatment and prevention of gynecomastia
  • High levels of anabolic hormones in the blood
  • Decreased levels of estrogen in the blood
  • Prevention of hypertension
  • Improve muscle quality (by suppressing the effects of estrogen)

The drug is actively used by people who devote a significant part of their life to sports, regardless of the type of activity and also in Hollywood by popular actors. Most often, these pills are taken by athletes who do bodybuilding. Letrazole entered sports as the best means of reducing the quantitative component of estrogen (including estradiol, estriol and estrone – female sex hormones) and a stable growth stage of testosterone (the most important sex hormone in men).

After the experiments, the researchers noted a 97% decrease in estrogen levels with increasing doses of the drug and 79% at the optimal dose.

The use of letrozole in bodybuilding


Body drying is a process of reducing subcutaneous fat to emphasize the relief of muscles. In combinDryingation with a diet rich in quality, balanced foods, many athletes use letrozole because it serves the same purpose as dehydration: the muscles retain their appearance and the fat disappears.
One of the main advantages of the drug is its good tolerability, so in sports it is allowed for almost all athletes. However, be careful, in the presence of liver disease before use you should consult a specialist. Also, the use of the drug in athletes with individual intolerance is not recommended.

Benefits for athletes

Athletes and athletes at some point notice that the body’s natural properties are too small and it is necessary to take additional medications to maintain normal body function. When people begin to supply the body with exogenous (not synthesized, but external) hormones, people often face negative consequences.

Estradiol is a female sex hormone, but it is produced in small quantities in the testicles of men. Taking hormones can lead to hormonal imbalances and increased estradiol production. Letrozole is popular in bodybuilding and sports due to its ability to block aromatase enzymes, which are responsible for the amount of estradiol produced.

Benefits for athletes

Letrazole: dosage in bodybuilding

Bodybuilders take the drug to block the body’s negative reactions to the steroid process and to produce special hormones that keep testosterone levels within normal limits. Other positive effects were noted:
Preventing the negative effects of estrogen, including the presence of fat, acne and increased water levels in the body.

At the beginning of the cycle the risk of gynecomastia (breast enlargement) is eliminated.
Maintains muscle shape after the end of the steroid cycle. It inhibits the processes of catabolism.
To know how to take Letrozole in bodybuilding without side effects and adverse effects on the body, consult your doctor. The dosage for each athlete will be different and will depend on age, body characteristics, experience and duration of the other drugs. Side effects will surely occur if the drug is used improperly.

Letrozole: dosage in bodybuilding

Letrazole to increase testosterone

Men who are concerned about too low a male hormone level should know: Letrozole increases testosterone. By suppressing the secretion of the aromatase enzyme, the substance prevents the conversion of testosterone to estradiol, thereby increasing its levels in the body. Studies have been carried out on men of different ages and some results have been obtained:

in a 33-year-old man, testosterone before the course was 7.1 nmol / L, and at the end of the course the values ​​changed to 25.45 nmol / L;

in a 45-year-old patient the results of the analysis show 10.12 nmol / l, and after the course – 27.82 nmol/l.

It can be concluded that the drug has a positive effect on men, regardless of age. In both cases, an approximately equal increase in testosterone levels in the body occurs, the final value of which does not exceed the indications of the physiological upper limit (29 nmol / l). Letrazole for the testosterone cycle is one of the best known support means.