Letrozole – description and application

Letrozole is the most effective aromatase inhibitor, which reduces the level of estrogen (female hormone) in the blood, which is extremely effective and the drug is not a steroid. It quickly became popular in therapy, pharmacology, sports (in bodybuilding and weightlifting) and other fields. Letrazole has also become popular due to its widespread use in various fields of medicine. It is important that Letrozole is an effective, safe and reliable drug. Nominees: men and women.
active substance.

Composition and application

The active substance letrozole – has a good effect, blocks the production of aromatase enzymes. Used by athletes and bodybuilders in post-cycle therapy (PCT) to maintain muscle mass after a course. Clinically used to eliminate gynecomastia, also prescribed for the correction of short stature and female oncology. Letrozole blocks estrogen receptors, thereby increasing the percentage of testosterone in the body.
The complete description of the drug Letrozole contains clear instructions for use of the drug. It is important to consider the significant benefits of nonsteroidal drugs. The most reliable and popular letrozole-containing drug was Letrozole Kaspovsky, or rather – Caspa Letrozole, much more significant than similar drugs Letrozole. A key feature of antiestrogenic drugs is the ability to long-term consolidate the results of the course. Even after taking the accumulated muscle mass is not lost. This makes it a preferred tool among bodybuilders.

Composition and application

Appointment and indications for use Letrozole

It turned out that letrazole is in demand in the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer because of its ability to “engage” on estrogen synthesis receptors. This makes it possible to effectively block peripheral estrogen, that is, what is produced in adipose tissue rather than in the glands. Because in the male body it is fat cells – adipocytes – are responsible for producing a significant portion of estrogen, letrozole neutralizes its action, stimulates muscle growth and improves skin condition.

Pharmacological group of the drug

  • Classification of substances: aromatase inhibitor, antiestrogen.
  • Dosage form: film-coated tablets.
  • Method of application: orally.
  • Bioavailability: 99.9%.
  • Letrozole is available in the form of tablets for internal use. About 60% of the substance binds to blood proteins (in fact, it is deactivated). The half-life is 48 hours. The drug is excreted through the kidneys.

The use of letrozole in bodybuilding

  • Treatment and prevention of gynecomastia
  • Increased levels of anabolic hormones in the blood
  • Decreased estrogen levels in the blood
  • Prevention of hypertension
  • Improving muscle quality (by suppressing the estrogenic effect)
The use of letrozole in bodybuilding

Dosage and course of taking Letrozole

For prevention (in bodybuilding): 0.5 mg (1/5 tablet) every other day.
For the treatment of gynecomastia: 2.5 mg daily until symptoms resolve, then 0.5 mg every other day.
When taking anabolic steroids, estradiol should be analyzed after about 10 days of short-acting steroids (testosterone propionate, methandrostenolone) or after 3-4 weeks of long esters (enanthate, sustanon, cypionate). Then take Letrozole 0.5 mg every other day. After 10 days, perform an additional estradiol test and adjust the dose depending on the results.
You can also adjust the dose of Letrozole depending on subjective sensations: If while taking the drug there is a decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, the dose should be reduced.

Dosage and course of taking Letrozole